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Speed Awareness Course

By: Tracy Wilkinson - Updated: 28 Jun 2021 | comments*Discuss
National Speed Awareness Scheme Speeding

The National Speed Awareness Scheme is an innovative scheme that has been put in place by police forces across the UK to allow motorists caught speeding to complete a workshop rather than be issued with three penalty points and a £60 fine.

Each force appoints a member of the ANDISP (Association of National Driver Improvement Course Providers) to oversee and deliver the courses in their particular area. ANDISP has been established to make sure that such courses have a quality standard and are consistent in their teachings. The format and content of courses may vary from area to area but all have to meet stringent requirements so that they achieve their objective of ensuring the driver understands the dangers of speeding and does not speed in the future.

Interactive Speed Awareness Course Checker

If you think you've been caught speeding recently and want to see whether a Speed Awareness Course might be offered to you as an alternative to penalty points, try our interactive Speed Awareness Course checker:

Who Can go on the Course?

The National Speed Awareness Scheme is offered to a number of offending motorists after they have been Caught Speeding. The decision over whether to offer the course to you, is at the discretion of each police force.

example of a letter offering a Speed Awareness Course

Usually the drivers eligible will be those who have exceeded the legal limit but not by a huge amount and each individual police force will decide what their margins are. Approximately two thirds of drivers regularly exceed the urban 30mph limit, a third of them travelling faster than 35mph. Where a pedestrian might sustain survivable injuries if hit by a car at 30mph or below, these are more likely to change to fatal injuries when a pedestrian is struck by a car at 35mph. People caught speeding in the high risk 20 mph zones are very unlikely to be offered a place on a speed awareness course.

If you are invited to attend such a course, you will be given a specific date, time and location and you will need to accept the offer, or decline and take the fine and the Points On Your Licence instead.

What if I Accept But I am Late or Can’t Make it on the Day Specified?

Please make sure that you leave in plenty of time and try to arrive early on the day of your course. If you are late, you will not be allowed to join the class and will forfeit your place. If you cannot attend due to illness, you will need to let the course organisers know at the first opportunity (there will be a contact number on your offer letter) and you will need to provide a doctor's note as evidence. Your case will be reviewed by the police before they come to a decision on whether you will be offered another place or if the offer will be withdrawn.

Do I Have to Pay?

Yes. The course fees are usually between £80 and £100 (depending on which course provider you use) which you pay to the course provider direct – a similar price to paying the fine, although of course, avoiding penalty points can keep your insurance premiums down and save you money in the long run.

What Does the Course Cover?

The idea behind the course is the belief that if a person's attitude and behaviour can be changed, then this is more likely to prevent them from re-offending than simply paying a fine and receiving points on their licence. The course objectives will cover things like:

  • Why the person was speeding
  • To help them understand the consequences of speeding - and that those consequences are the driver's sole responsibility
  • To help them to learn and identify different speed limits and the areas they are likely to apply
  • To ensure they can identify hazards, and how road speed should be altered to accommodate them

How Long Does it Last?

In most cases, the course will be between 4 and 5 hours long and will vary, though it will usually consist of a combination of the following:

  • Classroom based theory training
  • In-car practical training sessions with approved driving instructors (some areas do not include this practical element of the course)
  • Workshops

Do I Have to Take My Own Vehicle?

If your course involves the practical element (which not all the courses offered do), then a training vehicle will be used. It will be provided by the training centre, will be fully insured for course attendees' use and will be a standard, modern vehicle similar to those which most people will have already driven. If your car has been adapted for a special need, then you will need to contact the centre in advance to make necessary arrangements. If you're a motorcyclist, you will be expected to take your own motorbike along.

How Often Can I go on One of These Courses?

Once you have attended a Speed Awareness Course you are not allowed to do another for a minimum of 3 years. Remember also that if you choose to take the speed awareness course instead of penalty points, you must complete the course within four months of the offence.

If I Appeal Against my Offence and am Unsuccessful, Can I Still go on the Course?

No. If you decide that you want to Appeal Against The Offence you are free to do so, but as soon as you do, the offer to attend a course will be withdrawn.

Important Things to Remember:

  • You must take your driving licence with you or you will not be allowed to take your place on the course.
  • You are not going to have to take a driving test but you will be expected to take part in discussions between the group to pass the course.
  • There will be around 15-25 people on an average driver improvement course.

What if I Accept But I am Late or Can’t Make it on the Day Specified?

Please make sure that you leave in plenty of time and try to arrive early on the day of your course. If you are late, you will not be allowed to join the class and will forfeit your place. If you cannot attend due to illness, you will need to let the course organisers know at the first opportunity (there will be a contact number on your offer letter) and you will need to provide a doctor's note as evidence. Your case will be reviewed by the police before they come to a decision on whether you will be offered another place or if the offer will be withdrawn.

Your Time, Money and Behaviour

Any expenses you incur for time you have to take off work, travel to and from the centre, or to pay for child care, will be your own responsibility - there no allowances for reimbursing expenses or facilities for child care.

Bad behaviour during the course will not be tolerated, so if you're rude, disruptive or use bad language you'll be asked to leave - and you won't get your money back. You'll forfeit your right to the speed awareness course and your case will go to court.

More Information on Appealing

If you want to appeal against the decision, this will be done through a magistrate's court and you'll need to write to the police to let them know. Details of how to do this will normally be included in your letter from the police. We have lots more information on Challenging Your Speeding Ticket on this site too.

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Hello, I am a new driver, 3 years, i got a speeding ticket 43 in a 30 zone, I was slowing down when saw the cop with camera...was not given an option of speed awareness course, who can i talk to so i might ask to do the course? norfolk area when caught for speeding, the telephone number for the speeding office just have the robotic machine, not a real person to tal;k to>Is there any number that one can ask a someone in the known if I could take the course? Any help would be appreciated...
geo - 28-Jun-21 @ 9:50 PM
I have lost details of the time and how to access my course due on Thursday 19th November 2020,what do i need to do to ask for a copy of them.Ive emailed but says it could take 10 days to get back to me.I will have missed the course by then.Thank you
payney - 16-Nov-20 @ 6:26 PM
Sent letter applying for speed awareness course on the 12/9/2020 have heard nothing a month later
Driver - 12-Oct-20 @ 5:41 PM
After being on the online course a hour into their site crashed,couldn't get back in and finallymanagedto call and rearrangeanother one I'm now worriedif the same thing happens again because they were adamantit was our fault but could we actuallygo to a centre and do it rather than online...I'm really worried already that this issue will happen again
naughty - 24-Aug-20 @ 1:56 PM
Went on one of these courses, sat for 4 hours with two supercilious ex cops strutting around the class room telling us how wonderful they were. Afterwards most of us agreed it was a complete waste of time. I have a clean licence now so if it happens again I'll take the points.
A gosling - 19-Aug-20 @ 9:37 PM
Would a standard speed awareness course be offered if the motorway speed awareness course has been attended in the last three years?
Ne - 30-Jun-20 @ 5:37 PM
I was booked on a speed awareness course for the 27/03/2020, but received an email informing that the course has been cancelled a couple of days before due to covid-19.I then received another email a few weeks later in April informing that the course provider (Kent Council) would be sending me a refund as all courses have been cancelled until July and that I should expect a letter from the MET Police who initially issued the ticket. I received the refund in my account but never heard from the MET.26/05/2020 I got an email from NDORS informing that the offer of a speed awareness course has been withdrawn and they don't know why.Today got letter from the met with offer of fixed penalty and points on licence or go to court.Not sure what to do as don't want points but don't mind paying.Has anyone else had this or can suggest what to do?
mememe - 28-May-20 @ 2:35 PM
I have lost my letter that has my Registration number and pin is there any other way of getting this is there a phone number that I can call thank you
Hotspicy - 27-May-20 @ 1:58 PM
I have lost my letter with registration number and pin on. Does anyone know how to contact someone. Phonelines are closed or busy and online always asks for a registration number?
D - 11-May-20 @ 5:21 PM
Hello I have lost my letter offering me the speed awareness course. What do I need to do?
Tom - 30-Apr-20 @ 10:27 AM
I admitted to a traffic offence to Camera Processing Services Met Police and agreed to do a course and did write to them. But now I have received a letter of offer of a Foxed Penalty. I am working overseas and unable because of Corona Virus to come to UK. I wrote to them informing of my situation and asking for a delay but instead of replying to my letter they have sent me a fixed penalty notice. What should I do -write to them again. Have a email address for them please Thank you Rishnod
Rish - 3-Apr-20 @ 10:37 AM
Hi, due to current covid 19 situation I am unable to pay or book a speeding course, can I an online course?
Kate - 31-Mar-20 @ 3:45 PM
I was told by local police that I would be sent a letter offering education course when I was pulled over at the beginning of March I can see no courses are running for obvious reasons. Should i have still had some sort of letter by now? I am concerned that I may get a fine for not responding but I cannot do that without any paperwork. Please advise
L - 30-Mar-20 @ 12:20 PM
Hello.I have lost my letter offering a speed awareness course.Who do i contact to get another sent out? Thank you
Kez - 21-Mar-20 @ 4:20 PM
I'm on Isle of Wight but got ticketed on mainland are there training on the island I have no points so I may not bother as it's the same price.
King - 21-Feb-20 @ 10:34 AM
I have a disabled daughter and have someone helping with her this afternoon for the course but I have to be back to do her catheters? Am I able to leave 45 mins early at all?
Loulou - 12-Feb-20 @ 9:28 AM
Will I still have to go on the course if I am carer for my mum whose 84 & has Parkinson disease. Could I bring Mum along as well if not. Nobody will help me with mum? I have other family but they won't take a day off work. She is prone to falling over on her own. I have NEDA whose a Parkinson nurse for my area who could help mind mum but she looks after many other I'll people. Please advise thanks
None - 11-Jan-20 @ 1:44 PM
My brother has lost his latter for the speed awareness course how can he find out when it was.
E - 10-Dec-19 @ 9:37 PM
Hi my brother has lisy hus letter fir the speed awareness course how can he find out when it is pls
Els - 10-Dec-19 @ 9:35 PM
Lost details of speed awareness course in December at llamsamlet
Mal - 30-Nov-19 @ 10:32 PM
Have been booked in to a speed awareness course in llamsamlet in December. But I've lost details
Mal - 30-Nov-19 @ 10:30 PM
Just booked a speed awareness course which is due in November and have just been issued another notice for speeding 47in a 40 zone. Will the course cover the 2nd speed contravention?
Jfrone - 25-Oct-19 @ 11:01 AM
Hi i live in a rural area and post is quite regularly late, or doesnt arrive at all. Ive recieved an offer for a motorway awareness course. This letter is dated 8th of august, with a 14 day conditional offer. However this did not arrive till after 9th of September. (Not sure what date as i was away on holiday until today 25th September) is there any way i can sort this and go on the course. Know one in their right mind would just take the £100 fine and 3 points over a course. Thanks For any advice
Daz9_82 - 25-Sep-19 @ 5:31 PM
My commute to work has recently had a mobile speed camera on it. I haven't noticed it/was unaware it was there. I've received my first penalty notice already and have paid the fine and sent off my license. I've kept to the speed limit since receiving it. However, I've now received a second notice for the next morning I drove to work. I want to now take the speed awareness course. The thing I'm concerned about is am I going to receive more notices for every morning I have driven down this road before I received my first fine and how will this be viewed in terms of fines and points. Will I lose my license etc?
Painey - 4-Sep-19 @ 9:05 PM
when did last have my awareness Course please
cliffy - 10-Jun-19 @ 10:05 PM
How do I find out when I last did a speed awareness course? I can’t remember when I last did it? X
NMB - 19-May-19 @ 11:39 AM
I have had my driving licence revoked due to medical condition. 2 days before it was revoked I was caught speeding in a 30 mph area doing 35mph. I am attending the TTC course next week instead of taking points on my licence. The course states I need to take my driving licence with me to the course but the DVLA have it. Will I be able to still take part in the course ? Thanks
Ajay - 15-Apr-19 @ 6:06 PM
I had my licence revoked in 2017 due to a speed camera flash of 50mph in a 30 obviously a driving course was not offered to me instead they stuck me with 6 points and a 250 pound fine because I only passed my test in 2016 the 6 points me to it had to retake my test wich I did in 2018 and acurrently already have 9 points to date,with that in mind I got flashed doing 59mph two weeks ago on the M5 in a tempery 50mph zone I have since been sent a letter saying I have three options to attend court,pay fixed penalty and 3 points,or apply for a workshop but it states even if I apply I will still have to meet the requirements to be allowed the workshop,do you think if I apply for the workshop is will meet the requirements,I can not find a definition of there requirements anywhere only if you have been doing everything for speeding In the last 3 years you will not be offered it and on the letter it states if you have 9 or more points already you can not go for the fixed penalty 3 points so does that mean i will not meet the requirements for the workshop I'm really confused and worried and stressed I have a family and a job I need to keep my licence
Flash - 8-Mar-19 @ 5:51 AM
Was driving southbound on the M1 just past Sheffield last night and saw a double flash behind me. At first, I thought it was a lorry flashing but my passenger and I after second thoughts believe it was a camera flash. I'm 1000% sure I was either going 70 or just over (73 max) when the flash occurred while I was passing a slowing car. I Was Wondering whether the 10% 'rule' actually exists or am I potentially going to receive a fine in the post soon. I have been driving for 3 years now and have had a black box for the duration of that time and only ever creep over the speed limit when I'm overtaking cars due to the sensitivity of my black box (it picks up everything). So, fortunately, I have never been in this position until now. If I do end up receiving a fine will I have the option of doing a speed awareness course so I don't receive points and how much do you reckon it will cost? Thanks!
AD97 - 29-Jan-19 @ 11:56 AM
Yesterday I passed a police van with a camera mounted inside; these are used regularly in North Yorkshire. It was on a resendential steet with a limit of 30mph. I was doing less than 35mph but do not know if I was logged by the camera. In three days I will be going abroad for six weeks. What happens if a ticket is issued?
johnty - 16-Jan-19 @ 8:14 PM
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