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A resource for UK motorists, NoPenaltyPoints offers you a safe haven to come to for advice on what to do if you get a ticket for a motoring offence. You'll find tips on handling and challenging fines and tickets, and what to expect as you go through the process of appealing against it.
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Ask Our Experts: What is the Time Period for Issue of a Motor Ticket, Is it Legal to...
Drink Driving
Drink Driving: Rehabilitation Courses for Drink Drivers, Drink Driving and Refusing...
Driver Offences
Driver Offences: Driving a Car Without Consent, Driving Offences During Emergency...
Licence Points
Licence Points: Penalty Points and the New Drivers Act, A Breakdown of How Penalty...
Other Offences
Other Offences: FAQ: Road Rage and Driving Offences, When a Vehicle Can Be Seized,...
Parking Tickets
Parking Tickets: The New £100 Parking Fine, The Powers of Traffic Wardens, Disabled...
Speeding Tickets
Speeding Tickets: Appealing Against a Speed Camera Ticket, What to Do If You Get a...
Types Of Ticket
Types Of Ticket: Speed Awareness Course, Conditional Offers and Alternatives to...
Vehicle Defects
Vehicle Defects: Difference Between Minor and Serious Vehicle Defects, No MOT and the...
Latest Comments
  • Dave
    Re: Does an NIP have to be Served Within 14 Days?
    NIP issue date 20/08/16, offence date 23/07/16 (28 days). However I was driving a company lease vehicle and…
    24 August 2016
  • NoPenaltyPoints
    Re: Notice of Intended Prosecution
    gems1311 - Your Question:Hi, I received NIP for driving at 39mph in 30 limit. There were 4 photos showing 39, 38, 37 and 28 mph…
    24 August 2016
  • Scott
    Re: Informing your Insurance of your Convictions
    I recently had a minor crash (no one else involved) whilst under the influence of alcohol. My car was taken…
    24 August 2016
  • Adam
    Re: What is the Time Period for Issue of a Motor Ticket
    I believe I was caught by a police with a speed gun. I was doing approximately 70 in a 40. It was…
    23 August 2016
  • NoPenaltyPoints
    Re: Fixed Penalty Notice
    Barney - Your Question:I sat in a loading area for about 10 minutes and saw the parking attendant approaching. He appeared to be inputting my…
    23 August 2016
  • Ken
    Re: Running a Red Light
    I crossed a green light in slow traffic while exiting the junction the lights turned red and the camera flashed can I appeal this
    23 August 2016
  • NoPenaltyPoints
    Re: Speed Awareness Course
    dragon - Your Question:I have just received a speeding ticket doing 37 in a 30 the problem was that it was in a different area to where I…
    23 August 2016
  • NoPenaltyPoints
    Re: Speed Awareness Course
    Mandy - Your Question:I got a speeding letter as I drove at 35 on a 30 road. I filled in the form to do the speeding course but paid a fee…
    23 August 2016
  • Ashnkai
    Re: Running a Red Light
    I was doing 42 in a 40 in my partners car and I have a a speeding notice in the post what will happen now
    23 August 2016
  • NoPenaltyPoints
    Re: Dispute a Speed Ticket: You Were Not the Driver
    Amz - Your Question:I have recived an NIP the recorded speed was 44 in a 30 roadworks zone. I have spoken…
    23 August 2016
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