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Rehabilitation Courses for Drink Drivers

By: Garry Crystal - Updated: 1 Mar 2015 | comments*Discuss
Drink Driving Rehabilitation Offence

Drivers who have been convicted of drink driving offences may be required to attend a drink driving rehabilitation course. Successfully completing this course can lead to a reduced disqualification period and should help to decrease the risk of re-offending.

What is a Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course?

Drink driving rehabilitation courses are designed to provide advice and help for those convicted of a Drink Driving Offence. Responsible driving, alcohol education and the law are some of the subjects covered through the rehabilitation course. Those convicted must be referred to the rehabilitation course by the sentencing court. Once this referral has been made it will be the decision of the driver as to whether they wish to book a place on the course. Courses generally run for 18 hours over four weeks with either evening or weekend classes.

The Benefits of a Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course

There are a number of benefits to taking the rehabilitation course. Drivers who successfully complete this course can apply to have their licence disqualification reduced by around 25%. If the course is successfully completed, the police, the courts and the DVLA will be notified. This can then lead to drivers having their licence reinstated earlier than the original disqualification period. The course also contains information and advice that will help to decrease the chance of re-offending in this way.

Insurance Premiums and the Rehabilitation Course

Completing this course can also lead to the chance of stopping Increased Insurance Premiums. Increased insurance premiums for those convicted of driving offences are normal and the increase can be hundreds of pounds per year. Many insurers now refuse to cover drivers who have been convicted of drink driving charges. Insurers do recognise the validity of completing a drink driving rehabilitation course. If this course is completed it may lead to reduced insurance premiums for those convicted of a drink driving offence.

Completing a Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course

To successfully complete a drink driving rehabilitation course there are a number of requirements. Attendees must participate in all classes and sessions. They must also avoid alcohol during the length of the rehabilitation course. Payment for the course should be made in full before the course commences. The rehabilitation course fee will vary depending on the provider but will usually cost between £100 and £250. Discounts are available for those in receipt of state benefits and for students.

Drink Driving Rehab Course Content

The drink driving rehabilitation course contains interesting and varied content. The course is structured around the effects of all aspects of drink driving on both offenders and victims. Alcohol education plays a very important part in the rehabilitation course. Videos, group sessions, discussions and presentations will be used throughout the entire course. Particular attention is focussed on ways to stop the driver from repeating this type of offence.

The Steps to Successfully Completing the Rehab Course

There are steps that will be required before the drink driving rehabilitation course can be completed. These will include:

  • Be referred to the course by the sentencing court
  • Accept the referral, book a place at a local course and pay the fee in full
  • Attend the course and participate in classes and group activities
  • Attend all 18 hours of the drink driving rehabilitation course
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol throughout the entire length of the course
  • An award certificate will be provided to those who successfully complete this course

Finding Drink Driving Rehabilitation Courses

There should be rehabilitation courses in the driver’s local area. These courses will be approved by the DVLA and the Department of Transport. Drink driving rehabilitation courses are usually run by qualified professionals with teaching experience and experience in the health education field. Contacting the DVLA should bring details of drink driving rehabilitation courses throughout the UK. Details can also be found on the internet and in local telephone directories.

Drink driving is a very serious offence and those who have been convicted of this crime should pursue this type of help when offered. Drink driving rehabilitation courses educate drivers on the dangers of alcohol and the detrimental effect it can have if abused. These courses are recognised by the courts and insurance companies and will be beneficial to drivers who are offered a place.

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@justthelad. It does that. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
NoPenaltyPoints - 5-Mar-15 @ 10:18 AM
I was silly to drink drive as I never had a point in 15 years now I done the course and never drink and have not for 11months the course shows you a lot and helps you see the futures of none drinking
justthelad - 1-Mar-15 @ 8:48 PM
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