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Insurance Consequences After a Driving Offence Conviction

By: Garry Crystal - Updated: 15 Feb 2019 | comments*Discuss
Driving Convictions Offence Insurance

Drivers who have been convicted of a driving offence will find it hard to obtain reasonable insurance premiums. Some insurers will now no longer provide insurance for drivers who have been convicted of drink driving offences.

Are Drink Drivers Being Blacklisted by Insurers?

Any driver who has been convicted of a drink driving offence is more than likely to be hit with a large rise in their insurance premiums. According to insurance analysis data it does seem as if insurers will either massively hike up their insurance premiums or refuse to insurer drivers who have been convicted. But there will always be some insurers who will be willing to insure as long as the driver is willing to pay the massive increase.

Do Any Insurers Offer Reasonable Rates for Drivers Who Have Been Convicted?

There are insurers who do offer specialist policies for drivers who have been convicted of drink driving offences. Certain insurers will take drink drive rehabilitation courses into account when providing an insurance quote. A rehabilitation course can lower insurance premiums and can also cut a driving ban by as much as twenty five percent. Statistics show that many drink drivers do learn after their convictions. But around 12% of drink drivers will re-offend within 10 years of their first conviction.

How Much Can Premiums Increase After a Conviction?

The rise in insurance premiums will depend on the individual insurers but the rise can be as much as £300 per year. Aside from the rise, one of the major obstacles is trying to find an insurer who will quote for drivers with drink driving convictions. It is increasingly common for insurers to simply refuse quotes if convictions are less than five years old. Many insurers will simply refuse quotes if they find that drivers have received a DR10. A DR10 is an endorsement for driving or attempting to drive with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit.

Are There Ways to Find Lower Car Insurance for Convicted Drivers?

There are a few routes to take that might make insurers lower their premiums. If drivers do undertake a large amount of mileage then it might be an idea to limit the amount of driving they do. The less driving undertaken the less chance there is of the driver being involved in an accident. Another method is to limit the actual policy cover and only list the owner as the specified driver with no other person allowed to drive the vehicle. Increasing security on a vehicle such as anti-theft devices may also reduce insurance premiums.

Is it a Good Idea to Obtain Multiple Quotes?

Obtaining quotes from various insurers may be worthwhile but will take a lot of work. Using an online comparison site to compare insurance quotes will take some of leg work out of finding the lowest quote. Online only insurers will often be able to provide less expensive insurance quotes as they have fewer overheads. Many insurers will actually offer discounts if customers use their websites rather than going through their call centres.

Will Accepting a Higher Voluntary Excess Lower the Premiums?

In general, the higher the voluntary excess paid the less the insurance premiums will cost. If a driver pays a higher voluntary excess it will mean the insurance company pays out less if a claim is made. Offering to pay a higher voluntary excess during the quote assessment can mean lower insurance premiums.

Will Stipulating Someone Else as the Main Driver Help to Lower Premiums?

If a responsible driver with no convictions is named as the main driver then this could lower insurance premiums. The main driver should have a clean record and no previous insurance claims. If another driver is going to drive the car for the major percentage of time then it can help to lower the actual insurance premiums.

Will All Driving Convictions Make a Difference to Insurance Premiums?

In most cases insurance companies will apply higher premiums for drivers who have been convicted of driving offences. Even totting up penalty offences can make a difference to insurance premiums. Insurance companies are looking at the likelihood of their company having to pay out in the event of a claim. Any driver who has been convicted of a driving offence is seen as a risk to an insurance company.

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My son is a new young driver of only a few months and crashed into a fence only causing minor damages failed to stop and report due to him panicking but few weeks later returned posting details of himself and offering to pay for the damages to the owner who is not wanting to take it any further but hes been charged and attending court worried sick of the outcome any information would be great
Worried parent - 15-Feb-19 @ 6:16 PM
I need an urgent advice please. I originally lived in Hampshire but a few months a go I moved to Birmingham for a new temporary job, rent a place there and failed to update the address on my car insurance on time. Even though I was fully insured with the option to drive other vehicles the police invalidated my insurance on the spot and seized my car. The policeman advised that the MIB cancelled the insurance. I now received a letter where I need to choose between guilty (£300 fine and 6 points) or not guilty and go to court. They basically treat me like someone who had no insurance at all. I called the MIB on 01908 830001 and they said that they have no power to cancel an insurance policy so I am confused about the whole situation and the right steps I need to take from here. Any advise would be very helpful please.
Nik - 3-Dec-15 @ 2:43 PM
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