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Does an NIP have to be Served Within 14 Days?

By: Tracy Wilkinson - Updated: 12 Oct 2020 | comments*Discuss
Speeding Camera Ticket Notice Of


I have just received a letter about a speeding offence that allegedley took place on the 19th August. I received the letter (dated 24th September), on the 25th September.

I was under the impression that the NIP had to be served within 14 days. This is clearly over that time, so I was wondering if you thought I would be able to use this technicality as a defence?

(Mr Adrian Moore, 4 October 2008)


If you are caught on camera committing a motoring offence, before any action can be taken against you, it is a legal requirement that you must to be informed that you have been caught breaking the law and that the authorities intend to prosecute.

Because you were 'caught on camera' rather than being stopped and served with intent to prosecute by a police officer, a Notice of Intended Prosecution or NIP, will be sent out to you - and this document will be set out in a way that complies with the regulations laid down in the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988.

Most typically, NIPs relate to speeding offences and running red lights, or similar offences and the obligation is on the authorities to have sent out the Notice in a timely fashion so that it arrives within 14 days of the offence being committed.

So what's with the 14 day limit?

The 14 day limit refers to the amount of time that the Police need to process the original Notice of Intended Prosecution. There is a lot of misinformation about the 14 day rule, but the facts are:

  • It’s not up to the police to prove that the NIP reached the registered keeper within 14 days
  • It is up to the police to be able to prove that in the normal course of events, the NIP would have arrived at the last known address of the registered keeper within the 14 day time limit

Can you explain that a little more?

The onus is not on the police to chase down the registered keeper of the offending vehicle: all they have to do is prove that they sent out the ticket in time to reach the registered keeper within 14 days if there are no ‘unusual events'.

Can you give me an example of 'unusual' events?

Things such as a postal strike, or the registered keeper no longer being at the last known address. If this happens, the ticket will not be considered void as best endeavours were undertaken to contact those responsible. If the registered keeper is, for example, a leaseholder - or company car driver ,then the driver may well be unaware of the offence within 14 days - but as long as the NIP arrived at the last known address of the registered keeper - the head office or leasing company - in time, that's what matters.

Tickets issued over the 14 day limit

If the issue date of the NIP sent to you was more than 14 days after the alleged offence took place, than you can refuse to accept it on the basis that it is time barred. This is certainly true in your case and if you appeal against the ticket on these grounds you should have no problem getting the ticket cancelled.

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Hello, I have been studying this website for 30 minutes now & cannot find the answer i need. Hopefully someone will give me a definitive answer to the below. On 4/5/20 i was recorded travelling on the M5 motorway at 96.77mph by 2 officers following me in an unmarked car, using a vascar device. I was stopped, given a ticket and went on my way. I received the Single Justice Procedure notice on 7/10/20, so over 5 months after date of offence. The correct home address was on my driving license, which they took my details from at the time, the actual vehicle was registered to my company address, which is different to my home address, not sure if that makes a difference though. So to recap offence date is 4/5/20, first paperwork of any sort i received on 7/10/20 (although it says posted on 5/10/20 on the letter. Any advice gratefully received, thank you in advance, regards colt
colt - 12-Oct-20 @ 11:46 AM
Received a PCN on 09/10/20 for the following alleged contravention 52. On the PCN data was 20/09/20, the date of notice on letter 08/10/20. This is almost 20 daysafter. What do I need to do please?
Bill - 10-Oct-20 @ 8:32 AM
Hi I recieved an NIP on 26th Sept, the date on the letter states 24th Sept and the speeding offence took place on 29th Aug. I sent the letter back admitting the offence. Today I received a letter stating I either had to complete a course or accept a fixed penalty. As the date issued is over 14 days of the date the offence took place, is this letter void?
Bernie - 3-Oct-20 @ 10:53 AM
I have received an NIP for 1. Driving without due care and attention 2.Failing to stop at a road traffic accident and 3. failing to report a road traffic accident. The details are that it was my father driving the vehicle and was unaware that he had caused any damage to a parked car (he stopped and checked). The incident happened on 11/9 and the NIP was dated 28/9. As this is outside the 14 days, does this invalidate it?
SALLY_M - 30-Sep-20 @ 9:48 AM
My partner received a NIP on 26 Aug relating to an offence on 11 April. I was the driver (doing 90 in a 70 limit) and he returned the form to state this. I then received the NIP on 17 September. I’ve queried the time lag, they’ve come back to say that it’s valid as was initially sent to my partner (the registered keeper) on 17 April. It wasn’t, or if it was, he never received it. So I’m now querying this. I feel fairly confident that I can reject the fine as it’s over 4 months out of time but what happens if the police refuse to confirm the case is closed? Do they keep pursuing the fine; would I eventually need to go to court to argue my case? Or are they likely to drop it as can’t give me the evidence I need?
JuJu - 27-Sep-20 @ 8:37 AM
Hi. Company received a nip dated 14.08 for speeding 84 in 70 on dual carriageway. However company moved into new offices and is shared building and they did not get the ticket until the 11th. Where do we stand with this. Surely if the letter is dated the 14.08 we would not of received the letter within 14 days of the offence. Pls help
Gill - 21-Sep-20 @ 10:15 AM
I have just been served a NIP for an offence dated 28th august. The date on the nip is 11th sept which is the 14th day. I recieved it on 14th sept. I am under the impression they must send it so that it will reach me within 14 days under normal circumstances. However if they sent it on the 14th day, even if they sent it 1st class it would be past the 14 day deadline.... is it time barred? Can i appeal/reject?
Aaron - 15-Sep-20 @ 11:35 AM
I received a NIP today 12/09/2020 for when I was pulled over by an unmarked unit Back in March. Where do I stand as this is months down the line
Jo - 12-Sep-20 @ 3:22 PM
Hi there. I got a NIP through the post this morning 11-09-20 for a speeding offence committed on 31st May. I then filled in the form and sent it off. I have just been directed to this site to now find that apparently it’s not valid. The fact that I’ve already sent the form off, does this mean I can still contest it?
Matt - 11-Sep-20 @ 4:40 PM
Hi i got stopped by a speed cop 5 weeks ago today, but i haven't had any letters through the post, how long does it take for them to send a letter out??
amanda - 11-Sep-20 @ 12:31 PM
I have bee. Sent a NIP . Offence was in April 2020 Company vehicle , I no longer work there . NIP came to my home 10-09-2020 Where do I stand
Neils - 10-Sep-20 @ 11:56 PM
Hi I received a letter to my home address today with nip with the offence being on 23/7/20. Though it is a company vehicle with 2 drivers. Do they just need to notify my company within 14 days or is there a different time frame applied. Thanks
Lubs - 8-Sep-20 @ 12:31 PM
I have received a NIP today (4th Sept) for speeding on 7th August.Letter is dated 13th August, but only arrived in the post today.where do I stand in proving I have only just received this?
HelenB - 4-Sep-20 @ 1:17 PM
Is it legal that the local councils are placing road blocks everywhere stating it's due to covid 19, and social distancing and issuing fines for driving down these roads when court on camera
Evei - 4-Sep-20 @ 2:59 AM
Hi I have been done doing 91 on a 70mph road duel carriage.But it was 4 months ago. Can it be time barred. The problem is that they have my picture. And I also have 6 points already because I brought a car before I passed my test and got done. Any help advice please
Lewis - 28-Aug-20 @ 9:33 PM
If you got caught speeding but the date stamped on the letter was 14 days after the incident occurred then you won’t have to pay, just send it back off with why you refuse to pay as this will be time barred and cancelled,
Lozrag - 28-Aug-20 @ 11:39 AM
I have just received a NIP today 27/08/2020 that is dated 25/08/2020 for an offence of apparently doing 35MPH in a 30MPH zone back on the 05/08/2020. Is this valid as i thought they had 14 days do inform you or is that 14 working days?(does not say working days on the forms). so in my view it has been 20 days since alleged offence, what is my next step? Thanks in advance
Jez - 27-Aug-20 @ 5:25 PM
H I have just received an NIP reminder letter today 25/08/2020 for a speeding camera offence caught on the 29/07/2020 telling me I haven't responded to the original NIP notice, the problem is this is the first correspondence I have received relating to the offence, I have not received anything other than the reminder, where do I stand and what is my best course of action Thanks
Paul - 25-Aug-20 @ 5:31 PM
So my partner received multiple NIPs about 6 weeks ago for allegedly speeding in a temporary speed zone, he returned the attached form because he felt he had to. He's now received two fixed penalties and also an offer of the course. However he has a company car (rental) and he didn't receive the NIPs until roughly 7-8 weeks after the offences and I think we can prove that the car rental place didn't receive anything until after the 14 days either. Can we get the fines dismissed?
Kay - 25-Aug-20 @ 12:45 PM
Hi, I’ve just received a speeding ticket in the post - the incident occurred on 10/08/2020, the date in the letter is 21/08/2020. The letter was received 24/08/2020. Does the 14 day rule apply for me? I wasn’t sure if It may have just expired? Huge thanks.
Karl - 24-Aug-20 @ 12:46 PM
Received a notice of intended prosecution on the 21st August 2020it is dated the 19th August 2020 and states that the offence of doing 80mph in a 70mph limit happened at lunch time 10th July 2020 this is 6 weeks give or take from offence to the letter being received from what I have read this is wrong? and can not be enforced? anyone confirm, please.
steve - 21-Aug-20 @ 3:07 PM
Hi, my partner received multiple nips in the post on the 12th of Aug 2020. She is the registered keeper but I was driving at the times. Now the offences were from the 6th of Jun to the 9th of July and all the letters were dated the 11th August so well over the 14 days. My query is does the 14 day rule still apply as it was me (named driver) driving rather than my partner who is the registered keeper of the vehicle?
Aid - 13-Aug-20 @ 1:10 PM
Basically if you committed the offence for example on 05/06/2020 and didn’t receive the NIP by 29/05/2020 (being 14 days after offence) then you don’t have to pay ??. You can send it back and not accept it on the basis of its time barred. You shouldn’t then hear anything back other than confirmation of cancellation of NIP. Obviously whilst the whole Covid-19 thing is happening I’m not sure if it’s extended but I can’t see it being different as the post os still the same ?? Just to ask has anyone been caught on the average speed check on the hagley road in Birmingham and every had anything come back from it???
Thab88 - 4-Aug-20 @ 9:23 PM
Hi I received a NIP on the 4/8/2020 for a an offence that took place on the 5/7/2020 the letter is dated 31/07/2020. Can I still be prosecuted? As it’s been well over 14 days when I received the NIP.
Zed - 3-Aug-20 @ 6:49 PM
I got a ticket. Sent it back form filled. Its been three weeks. I also sent an email copy a week ago. My 28deadline is coming up. I haven't heard back and they are not answering calls nor my 5 emails sent. The first being 21 days ago. What do i do from here.
J - 20-Jul-20 @ 5:50 PM
I received my NIP on 15/06/20 for alleged offence on 19/06/20 but was not issued until 14/07/20 would I have to accept the charge or is it out of time?
Paul Smith - 16-Jul-20 @ 6:51 AM
I revived a nip on 15/07/20 the camera got me 19/06/20 but the penalty was issued 14/07/20 so 3 weeks after the alleged offence do I need to pay?
Niel - 16-Jul-20 @ 6:48 AM
I've just received a NIP dated 08/07/20 for an offence on the 09/03/20 (35mph in a 30) do I have to accept the charge?
Ian - 13-Jul-20 @ 3:05 PM
Hi I received a notice of overspeeding of 37mph on 30 previously three and half years back I had attended the speeding awareness course will I get chance to attend course again or I will get 3 points on my licence please give me advice as I feeling very stressed Thanks and waiting for reply
Priest - 11-Jul-20 @ 1:24 PM
Hi, I received a NIP at work on the 5th of June, date of offence 12/04/20,date on NIP 26/05/20 I've spoken to work about it and they say this is the only NIP they have received(we use vehicles leased from Fraikin) Does anybody know if I can refuse the NIP re time elapsed since offence?
Bosscat - 19-Jun-20 @ 2:42 PM
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