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I Did Not See the Change of Parking Policy Do I Have to Pay?

By: Sally Aquire - Updated: 28 Mar 2019 | comments*Discuss
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I have been charged £128 for a parking fine. The reason for this is because I went to see my GP and parked at the same place, where I have parked for the last two years. I have not noticed that they have now changed the parking policy from free to permit holder only. My car has been clamped and I have to pay a fine of £128. I have paid the fine and made an appeal but they refused to accept my appeal.

(Mrs Atiya Mushtaq, 8 September 2008)


If you fail to comply with parking policies, you run risk of being given a parking fine. Otherwise known as a Fixed Penalty, the exact details depend on the area in question. If you feel that you have given a parking fine for a parking offence that you didn't commit, or that was outside of your control, you can Appeal Against the Fine.

Paying Parking Ticket Fines

You can pay parking fines by credit card, cheque, postal order or at one of your local council's Customer Services department (or that of the council that issued your parking ticket). Some councils offer the chance to pay parking fines online, but this has not been implemented across the board.

Appealing Parking Fines

To appeal against a parking fine, you need to have kept hold of the parking ticket. You should then contact your local council, who will freeze the deadline by which you need to pay the fine until they have fully considered your appeal. If your appeal is successful, the fine will be waived, but if it is not successful, you will be required to pay the fine within a certain time frame.

Appeals are usually made before any fine is paid, as there are an attempt to avoid paying the fine in the first place. This may be why the appeal was not accepted, as paying the fine is considered to be an acceptance of responsibility for your actions. Some people do both, but they tend to set the appeal in motion before they pay the fine.

If the appeal is rejected by your local council, they will send you a Notice to Owner, which gives you the chance to outline why you think the fine should be overturned. If this is not successful, you will then be sent a Notice of Rejection of Representation and Appeal Notice Form. At this stage, you have 28 days to lodge an appeal with the Parking Adjudication Service (or the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service, if the ticket was issued in London). If this appeal is also unsuccessful, your initial fine can double.

Grounds for Appealing Parking Fines

Signs that are hidden, obscured or not visible are common grounds for appealing a parking fine. If this is the reason why you failed to notice the change from free parking to permit holders only parking, you can often successfully challenge a parking ticket, as councils are supposed to have clear signs at the entry to a parking zone to notify drivers of parking policies.

If you were given a parking ticket for parking on yellow lines, check that the lines were unbroken or do not end in a “T-bar”, the parking ticket can become invalid.

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My son was stopped by the police and told that he was guilty of causing undue dazzle/discomfort. They wrote outa report and he was cautioned. Apart from the fact that it was a bit foggy so he had what he believes were his fog lights on so disputes that he was causing undue dazzle, his dash cam shows other vehicles also did same. He has been sent a NIP in the post, it occurred as stated on the letter on 6.2.19 but the notice issue date is 27.3.19 more than 14 days. What should he do?
phil - 28-Mar-19 @ 11:34 AM
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