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Disabled Bays and Illegal Parking

By: Garry Crystal - Updated: 26 Oct 2021 | comments*Discuss
Illegal Parking Disabled Penalties Fines

Drivers pay millions of pounds each year in parking fees in the UK for a number of parking violations. Drivers who park in disabled bays without the proper authorisation are also liable for fines but more serious fines can be applied for those who use Blue Badge illegally.

Illegal Parking in the UK

Motorists across the UK do pay out millions every year in illegal Parking Fines and the parking industry itself is a multi million pound business. Parking spots in the UK are usually controlled by local authorities. Most drivers who park illegally will, if caught, be fined between £40 and £80. The fine can usually be decreased by 50% if paid within a two week period. Local authorities do have the power to increase fines as they see fit much to the dismay of motorists. Many authorities are taking a tougher view on motorists who do park illegally in disabled parking bays.

Illegal Parking in Disabled Bays

Most drivers will respect the rules of not parking in disabled bays without legitimate reasons. But there are many people who will simply disregard disabled parking signs and park illegally. Drivers who do park in disabled parking bays who are not Blue Badge holders will be liable to a Penalty Charge Notice, which means a fine. The Blue Badge scheme was set up to allow people with mobility problems to park as close as possible to their intended destination. Blue Badge drivers are permitted to park for free on on-street parking spaces but there are set time limits that must be adhered to.

Disabled Parking in Scotland

Scotland has recently introduced the £60 penalty fine for drivers who park illegally in disabled bays. Before this legislation was introduced in 2009 parking in disabled bays in Scotland was not against the law. Around 85% of the disabled parking spots in Scotland were advisory spaces. Advisory parking meant that anyone could park in disabled parking spots without running the risk of receiving a parking fine. The new penalties now include advisory spaces and disabled parking spaces set up outside disabled people’s homes.

Blue Badge Fraud and Illegal Parking

It may seem incredible but drivers do resort to fraud and risk large fines simply to park for free in disabled parking bays. Police forces in cities and towns across the UK have become aware of a massive amount of Blue Badge fraud. A police force in Harrow found that within a six hour time period 16 of 32 drivers checked were abusing the Blue Badge scheme. Fraudulent use of the disabled Blue Badge is a criminal offence. If any driver is caught committing this type of fraud they can be prosecuted and fined up to £1000.

Penalty Charge Notices and Illegal Parking

Apart from disabled parking spots there are number of different parking spots that can lead to penalties, these will include:

  • Double yellow lines mean there is no parking at any time
  • Single yellow lines means no parking within the hours specified on parking signs
  • Disc zones where parking discs must be displayed
  • Pay and display car parks where parking fees must be paid
  • Loading bays with indicated parking hours
  • Schools with keep clear markings
  • Bus lanes and clearways with indicated hours
  • Parking schemes for residents only; drivers must have legitimate residents parking permits
It is possible to Appeal Against Parking Fines under certain circumstances. A great number of people never bother to appeal against a parking ticket but the fact is that those who do are more often successful than not. Around eight million parking tickets in the UK are issued each year. Of these eight million only a few thousand drivers appeal and 65% of these appeals end up in the driver’s favour. Drivers do have rights and should assert these rights if they think they have been unfairly fined.

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If you have a disabled bay outside your house it is NOT exclusively for you ANYONE with a blue badge can park there wheather you ordered the bay to be put outside your house or not. I suggest you read the mobility rules in the book that they send with your blue badge
John Michie - 26-Oct-21 @ 11:16 AM
The police don’t care about parking in a disabled spot even if you photograph the the car or van with no badge because it’s too muchpaper work for them if you find a non badge holder ask them to vacate space and record them if they give you abuse and take it to police asking them to be charged if they dismiss it ask for a senior rank take it further
Bissy - 27-Sep-21 @ 6:44 AM
Lidl are a waste of time they let anybody park in there disabled bays and double yellow lines outside the entrance, i brought this up with he store manager and lidl and there is no response regarding this problem, probley because there scared of loosing customers, in my opinion all disabled bays on private land should be monitored for ilegal parking or they should not be allowed to have disabled bays on there property
MR294U - 28-Feb-21 @ 12:21 PM
How can we go about reporting people that park in disabled bays? Every single day without fail, multiple times a day there are people parked in disabled bays in the village where I live. There's no parking wardens walking around so these people won't be issued fines so will never learn. I have got multiple pictures in my phone of cars and would like to know something will be done.
NA - 10-Dec-20 @ 5:35 AM
I think you should have a fine scheme where people who park in disabled bays should get fined by sending the reg number to you and you then fine them you could earn lots of money thro this scheme because I'm sick of it people have no respect for the disabledand something needs to be done tony
tony - 25-Sep-20 @ 9:35 AM
Hi. I'm a blue badge holder for the last 15 years,if I park up with my blue badge on double yellow lines can I get fined.
Cazzypop - 13-Sep-20 @ 4:36 PM
I was very impressed buy Sainsbury’s policy on disabled parking £60 fine for taking up disabled space the have my space would they Like my disability to if people start to boycott supermarkets that have no Disability procedures I think there policy would change Jon
Jon - 12-Jun-20 @ 1:31 PM
Hi, I live in smethwick Westmidd land Birmingham, I have a wife who is disabled, we have disabled bayout side our house clearly marked by our local council. Every time I take her outsome one will park in the bay and not move from there for days. I think it's some one local but can't say. Also left a note on the windshield but thy don't care. I tried ringing local police department and explain the situation but thy say thy can't do anything. Can some kindly advise what,s best thing to do. It's so hard when I have to park far from my house and drag her on walking Frame back to house.
Moo. - 31-May-20 @ 10:07 AM
If there are no spaces in my street my neighbour will park in my other neighbours disabled space if it's empty..can i report him?
Cozzy - 18-Jan-20 @ 8:07 PM
Why is it the same old story you go through the process to get a disabled bay put in outside your home and then an ignorant disabled person who hasnt bothered to do the process takes over your only area to park when they clearly got the badge for a newborn child ... you ask them politely that they also can order a bay but all you get is f off then they do it even more ... grrr
Bumble - 23-Dec-19 @ 2:47 PM
A white Van has parked in mum's disabled bay, they have no blue badge .reg cv68 bbz
Susan - 14-Dec-19 @ 7:41 PM
I have just taken a photo of a vehicle parked in a Disabled bay without a blue badge, the reason I took the photo is for you to find the owner and penalise them!I am on crutches and have a mobility problem ,and this person took Away a place for my husband to park near to where I needed to go. It’s not fare, can you find this vehicle please and let them know it’s not on ,and if possible fine them ,,
Anngirl - 23-Oct-19 @ 8:55 AM
I am a blue badge holder and, in order to collect my medication, regularly park within the disabled bay along Gould Road, Bedfont situate along the Staines Road. However, on a regular basis, vehicles, without blue badges, park within the bay. Despite walking aids, I do, on a regular basis succumb to a fall. If the disabled bay is taken up and there is not another bay within close distance, rather than risk a fall, I will return home to try again at a later time. I have taken photographs of two separate vehicles parked, with no badges, within the designated bay. How can I forward the photos to you please?
N/A - 11-Oct-19 @ 11:27 AM
I have just taken a photo of a vehicle parked in a Disabled bay without a blue badge, the reason I took the photo is for you to find the owner and penalise them!I am on crutches and have a mobility problem ,and this person took Away a place for my husband to park near to where I needed to go. It’s not fare, can you find this vehicle please and let them know it’s not on ,and if possible fine them ,,
Jacks - 25-Sep-19 @ 3:10 PM
I live in Scotland and the Council have put a disabled bay nearby the house for my wife and other blue badge holders.the family opposite have three cars and no blue badge displayed in any of their vehicles and they continue to park in the bay.as one of their vehicles drives out another of their vehicles drives in!!they are very aware of my wife's mobility problems. What can I do?
Wattie - 24-Aug-19 @ 9:30 PM
I wanted to park near to my destination at 5am but the car park doesnt open until 6am. The disabled bays have continuous access so at that time and knowing i would be back by 7:30am i parked in one of them. I have done it many times before as the bays are never used in the early hours. This morning a ticket had been issued at 6:47am Ironically a van was parked on the wide footpath had arrived at the same time and had displayed a broken down carboard sign in his window. He hadnt received a ticket when i returned. Is there not a time period when disabled bays are fair game? It does seem wrong, when they are rarely used at those times because most disabled people aren't about then.
Derren - 24-Jul-19 @ 8:00 AM
Even if the council puts a disabled parking space outside your home, if it doesnt have a registration number in it, it is not for your exclusive use, any disabled driver can park so long as you display your blue badge. As far as supermarket carparks are concerned,, there is no such thing as private land, the highway code rules govern. So why can you not photograph the offending vehicle and send it to the local authority for prosecution. If the fine is £1000 for misuse of badge why not the same level for misuse of space,
Ifh - 12-Jul-19 @ 8:38 AM
I got a parking charge notice at Broughton shopping park Chester when I parked in a disabled access space while I picked up my wife who suffers from COPD and who had undergone a trauma total hip replacement only two weeks earlier We required extra width parking to allow the car door to be opened fully in order that her new hip joint did not dislocate as she got her legs into the car. I appealed the notice but the appeal was not upheld - am Ilikely to get a result in my favour if I appeal to POPLA.
Annoyed Dave - 3-Jul-19 @ 7:47 AM
I've just got a ticket for parking in a disabled space on a street,I literally ran across the road to give my friend their purse that they left in my car and he was issuing my ticket!I waited for him to finish issuing it and took it off him but it even States on it ,witnessed parking at 13,29 ticket issued 13,29 I was literally a minute do I have to pay or can I appeal this??
Ellie Clapp - 19-Jun-19 @ 2:30 PM
Hi my daughter's primary school has 10 yellow disabled parking spaces, none of which I can use to drop my daughter off and we have a WAV (wheelchair accesdable vehicle) due to taxis dropping kids off uses these bays and waiting on the assistant coming back to taxi.Is this allowed? My daughter's always 30 mins late in morning due to this and last one out too , schools doing nothing.I can't park anywhere else as vehicle is long plus ramp blocks off the road.Are these taxis allowed to use these disabled bays in Scottish schools?
Shazz - 17-Jun-19 @ 5:31 PM
Hi, I live on a residential narrow street where everyone parks half on and half off the pavement. The local council put in a disabled bay for me and directly behind my bay is a H marking. Now my issue is that a neighbour who lives at the top flat in a block of 6 used to park her car directly outside her side of the block just where the council put my disabled bay so she now either parks with her back wheels inside the bay and over most of the H marking and dropped kerb or parks totally over the H marking and dropped kerb which is there because the chap in the ground floor flat is complete wheelchair user all of the time. I have a pavement in front of my bay so when she parks her car over H marking and or in disabled bay I struggle to get my car in or out and the poor chap in the wheelchair can't get out at all. Can I report her parking or does it have to be the chap in the wheelchair and what can I do about her wheels in the disabled bay. Thank you
Mitchred - 3-Jun-19 @ 7:16 AM
Hello, Can one advise if it is possible and if there are any legal constrains in the UK to present a video footage of the offender, parked in a disabled bay as an acceptable evidence, please? I want to entroduce a solution, used in Brazil, where video footage was presented together with GPS coordinates and exact time of the offence. Much appreciated N.B. I understand there is a difference between private parking disabled bays, i.e. those at Tesco, Sainsbury's etc. and public ones.
Ronnie - 22-Apr-19 @ 5:49 PM
Hello I was at King George playing flies today Saturday 6th April 2019 : King George V 386 Topsham Road Exeter Devon EX2 6HE I found 2 vehicles who had taken up both of the allocated disabled spaces without displaying a blue badge. When I calmly confronted the vehicle owners regarding the misuse and showed them disabled blue badge and they could clearly see I had a walking aid, I was met with verbal abuse from 1 driver and the other completely ignored me and drove off. I had to struggle walking some distance in order to watch my son play football. This is totally unacceptable and needs to be highlighted to the vehicle owners. It is blatant misuse of the disabled space and I feel the vehicle owners should have a written warning to hopefully stop them from doing it again in the future. I have photos of both vehicles showing their number plates, no blue badge and a view that they are actually taking up the only allowed spaces available for people with disabilities. I would greatly appreciate your input regarding this. Yours sincerely Ms Sarah March ( an actual blue badge holder! )
Sarah - 6-Apr-19 @ 2:31 PM
I live in Scotland in a resident only parking area and the landlord put a disabled parking bay in for me nearest to our bungalow I have a blue badge and the landlord checked that no one else had one so their would be no issues arising A non resident parked in the space while I was at the doctors she said she had every right to park in it She had no blue badge and she does not live on the complex I thought as I held the blue badge and was the resident I had rights to do so I’ve contacted the landlord Should there be proper signage up to stop this happening again
Bagpuss - 30-Mar-19 @ 11:10 AM
I live in Scotland and my local Tesco store manager recently told me that, out of fear for the safety of their staff, they would do nothing to deal with rampant disabled bay abuse that occurs at their store. Is their anything that can be done to make them deal with this?
Vita Eblis - 29-Mar-19 @ 3:11 PM
If s neighbour has a disabled parking bay but does not use it and this restricts other road places can anything be done?
Jillifer - 18-Mar-19 @ 10:09 AM
Hi I parked in a disabled bay in a council run school as I had to use the toilet quickly and received a ticket. I was told that a ticket cannot be enforced if the disabled bay is marked in white & not yellow. Is this correct? Many thanks
Elz - 16-Mar-19 @ 8:32 PM
Is it illegal to park in front of a public footpath/cycle path which is also an emergency access for emergency vehicles? Many thanks
Kels - 26-Feb-19 @ 1:59 AM
I do not have a disabled badge/ticket but parked in a disabled bay on private land managed by UKPC for a gymnasium which i am a member of. I received a parking charge from UKPC. Do they have a right to fine me for this? Can i just ignore it?
KEB - 18-Feb-19 @ 2:53 PM
I have just received a fine from Park Watch for parking in a disabled space with no badge, it was evening and difficult to see it was a disabled space, only realised when I cam out of the shop, I was only in there about 5 minutes, it was a retail park and there were only a few cars parked.Do I have to pay this fine or should I contest it?
lizzie - 17-Jan-19 @ 5:37 PM
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