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Can You Give Witness Statements About Banned Drivers?

By: Tracy Wilkinson - Updated: 15 Apr 2020 | comments*Discuss
Banned Driving Driving While Banned


If someone was banned from driving for 6 months and during this time collected their son for contact on a regular basis can the mother give a witness statement?

He was never caught in the act of driving while banned. The police are saying conflicting things. One is saying that he has to be caught in the act, the other force is saying that a witness can give a statement of him driving whilst banned.

Which is it please?

(Ms M. T, 18 January 2009)


The incidence of banned drivers taking to the road is a growing problem in the UK, as is the growth of uninsured drivers. These drivers cost legitimate motorists money both in high insurance premiums and in higher council tax payments needed to provide the police with funds and resources to track down and charge them.

There are so many Uninsured Drivers out on the road now that the police have been given the power to seize these vehicles and have them crushed. If the person you think is banned is actually driving while under the ban, they will not be able to have insurance on their vehicle. If they are using someone else’s insurance, this will not cover them if they are driving whilst banned and so you can legitimately report them for driving an uninsured car. The police will look into this using their extensive resources and will take the matter further if needs be.

If someone has been banned and is driving while the ban is still in force then you must report them to the police. If this person was to hit you or another driver while they are banned, then no insurance company will pay up for a claim and the legitimate driver could end up going through the courts to get their own insurance company to pay up. That there is a child in the car adds to the importance of this case, as the child is being transported in an uninsured vehicle while driven by a Banned Driver, which is both dangerous and illegal.

If you are uncomfortable about reporting this person to the police directly, and wish to do so anonymously, think about giving Crimestoppers a call. They will take your information and investigate it, passing anything they find to the relevant authorities for further action. Although to carry out further legal action the police would need to actually catch the person 'in the act' as it were, your statement will make it easier for them to do so, especially if you can tell them exactly where he is likely to be breaking the law at any one time.

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Driving girlfriends car whilst he is banned driver, 17 gellideg street
Tubs - 15-Apr-20 @ 9:40 PM
Parking ticket from 3 years ago has just landed, its from a private firm on a hospital premise.Is this still valid..? I can't even remember parking there. Thanks
AK77 - 23-May-17 @ 9:56 PM
@Smithy. It should be fairly straightforward procedure, although you would have made things much easier had you simply submitted your licence within the required time frame. You should not really need legal representation but it would be worth popping to your local citizen's advice bureau to get advice about what to expect in court.
NoPenaltyPoints - 13-Nov-14 @ 9:57 AM
In May this year I was caught with 2 additional passengers in my 5 seater car. The police issued me a £100 fine and 3 points. I paid the fine but missed the deadline for surrendering my driving licences by a few days as I had misplaced them. The matter has been referred to the magistrates court. As I have no experience of these matters : - Should I seek legal help - What should I expect to receive at Court? Kind Regards Adrian Smith
Smithy - 11-Nov-14 @ 5:34 PM
I cannot understand why the 'punishment' for serious driving offences is so lenient. Over six weeks a member of my 'extended' family has been convicted for the following offences. 1. Driving without insurance and no MOT and car impounded.As he was on the way to the tip with this car they didn't pay to get it removed from the pound. Oucome:Instant Fine Two weeks later: 2.Driving without insurance, no MOT, drunk driving, evading the police, speeding.Car was impounded and cost £250 to release it. Outcome:A date to appear in Court. Two weeks later again: Driving without insurance, no MOT, no road tax, no seatbelt and talking on his mobile phone.Car was impounded but as this his car and he owed money to the finance company, they took it back. Outcome: First offence: 6 penalty points and £200 fine. Second offence:1 year ban and £300 fine Third offence: 3 month ban and £200 fine. My anger at all this is insurmountable as I have been driving for over 30 years now, and always paid everything that was required of me to keeping my car on the road. What are these outcomes for all the offences above saying to our young society today or even me for that matter?
Flutterby - 30-Jun-12 @ 3:09 PM
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