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Appealing Against a Speed Camera Ticket

By: Garry Crystal - Updated: 26 Apr 2021 | comments*Discuss
Speed Camera Speeding Fines Registered

Speed cameras are one of the most popular devices used to catch speeding motorists. It is possible to appeal against a speed camera fine but losing the appeal could turn out to be costly.

Speed Cameras in the UK

Almost two million Fixed Penalty Notices are given each year to drivers who break the speed limit in the UK. Speed cameras and hand held speeding devices are two of the most common methods for the detection of speeding in the UK. The government has always claimed that Speed Cameras are a deterrent to speeding. Although many campaign groups in the UK have consistently challenged the reliability of roadside speed cameras many drivers do not appeal. Appealing against a speeding fine can leave the driver paying court costs, and can result in increased fines and penalty points.

Speeding Fines in the UK

Exceeding the speed limit in the UK can result in the driver receiving a Fixed Penalty Notice. The fixed penalty will usually mean three penalty points and a £100 fine. If court prosecution is intended then this can mean three to six penalty points and could also mean a discretionary ban. Court prosecution can also mean fines of up to one and half times your weekly salary if you are caught travelling at 51mph or above in a 30mph area or travelling at over 101mph on a motorway (although maximum fines of £1000 and £2500 respectively are still in place)

The Risk of a Driving Ban for Speeding

There is always the risk of a Driving Ban when speeding offences occur. The higher the excess speed the more chance there is of a disqualification being applied. General guidelines are that if the speed of the car is over 45% more than the speed limit a ban may indeed be imposed. Bans will usually last from between one week and 56 days but longer bans of 120 days are not uncommon. When penalty points are involved the driver will usually face a totting up ban if there are 12 or more points on a licence.

The Rules of a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP)

Drivers who have been caught speeding by a speed camera should be aware of the Notice of Intended Prosecution guidelines. These rules include:

  • The NIP must be issued to the driver within 14 days of the offence occurring
  • The NIP will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle
  • It is the registered owner’s responsibility to complete the driver information form
  • If the owner states that they did not know who was driving this will not be viewed as a defence
  • Owners who cannot identify the driver can face a £1000 fine and three penalty points
  • Registered owners who ignore the NIP can face fines of up to £1000 and up to 6 penalty points
  • The registered owner must send back the requested details within 28 days
  • OUR ADVICE: Always get a receipt of posting when you return your completed forms and keep a photocopy of the form if you can
  • Drivers who are intending to appeal are still required to send back the completed NIP details.

Appealing Against a Speed Camera Fine

Drivers who are intending to Appeal Against a Speeding Fine after being caught on camera should consider this carefully. Losing an appeal can lead to increased fines, increased penalty points, and court and legal representation costs. Anyone who is appealing against a speeding fine should seek legal representation as the case will usually be heard in court. It is of course possible to win an appeal and a solicitor will be able to gauge the likely chance of this happening. There may be certain mistakes or technicalities that could lead to the driver winning the appeal.

Reasons for a Successful Appeal against a Speeding Ticket

The most common reasons to appeal against a speed camera fine will be technicalities. There are strict guidelines in place regarding the positioning of speed limit signs. Mistakes such as speed limit signs being obscured or not placed on both sides of the road can lead to a successful appeal. Drivers who are intending to appeal on these grounds should collect as much evidence as possible, including photographs of the area where the offence was alleged to have committed. Emergency situations that required the driver to speed could also be used as a defence and lead to a successful appeal.

In the UK only 1% of offences such as speeding fines are ever taken to the appeal process. Yet almost 60% of appeals that do end up in court are successful. Having enough evidence is vital when appealing against a speed camera fine.Although not compulsory, legal representation is a wise option when dealing with any court prosecution involving traffic offences.

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Hi I was travelling on the M1. The speed limit changed from 70mph and displayed 60mph. Half a miles later where the cameras were the speed limit changed to 50mph. Didn’t have time to react or deemed it safe to quickly reduce my speed so continued doing 60mph. I knew the cameras were coming up as it showed it on my navigation. While travelling towards the camera the red leds displaying the speed limit signs seemed like they were displaying 60mph. Only when I got closer I realised it was displaying 50mph. There was no traffic on the motorway and no workforce in the road. So was it really necessary for the speed limit to be at 50mph. I was flashed at doing 60mph. Is there any point on me appealing? Hope to hear from you soon.
IK - 26-Apr-21 @ 7:32 AM
Hi, I was in a 50 mph speed zone that reduced to 30 mph. I believe a mobile van has clocked me doing around 38mph although it was on a rural road and the village was 600 yds away. It was the first time I had driven in the area. The problem I have was the sun was extreme and I could not see the 30 mph sign even though I was slowly my speed with the village ahead. I would admit my guilt but would a judge consider reducing my sentence (say remove the points) if I can provide evidence of the weather in this area?
Nick - 27-Dec-20 @ 4:59 PM
Hi so i recieved a letter today saying i was doing 49 mph in a 40 zone on the a40 was picked up by the average speed check the only evidence the supplied was the time on entering ( 05:54:29 ) and exiting ( 05:55:53 ) the distance between the camera is 1834 metres which would me that to exit at that speed i would of been going 55 mph so the therefore the camera is faulty and wrong do i have the right to appeal
Barrie - 2-Nov-20 @ 6:59 PM
Hi - same as a few people I have just received a NIP today for doing 48 mph instead of 40 mph on variable speed on the M1 when they drop the speed from 70. All cars and lorries around were speeding so must have gotten caught, do I have ground for appealing?
nr - 29-Sep-20 @ 5:48 PM
I was travelling anti clockwise on the M25 coming home from Gatwick Airport.I was in the inside lane and the middle and outside lanes had a red X above them.A car overtook me at the same time the camera flashed. The photo shows my number plate but the overtaking car's plate was obscured by my vehicle. I am sure I wasn't speeding.Can I find out if the overtaking car has been given a speeding ticket as there was only one flash of the camera?
Jennie - 11-Aug-20 @ 3:09 PM
NIP 46mphautomatic camera device set at 40mph at Clayponds Avenue 21.15 6th July. Just following flow of traffic that was slowing from 50mph to 40mph. Requires active breaking to slow down in the distance given. It doesn't seem to give a reasonable space to slow down. I note that this was in the top ten motorway cameras in UK for fines. Just wondering how many other drivers have had the same thing. Is this for safety or is this simply a tax and put in a place to maximise the number of fines? Who checks that the cameras are not placed to maximise revenues even if they aren't necessarily delivering safer roads. Is there oversight here? DO
DO - 16-Jul-20 @ 11:10 AM
Hi - same as a few people I’ve just been flashed on the M42 when it dropped suddenly from 70 to 50. Tried to slow down as much as I could but it was heavy rain and I had cars close behind me. I genuinely would have caused an accident had I slammed on the breaks - can I appeal this? The camera flashed a few times before people alongside and behind me.
Jen - 1-Jul-20 @ 6:58 PM
Hi, I was driving at M6 with speed of 63mph. I was very close to the gates showing speed limit 70 then suddenly it changed to 50. I didn’t have a time to slow down from 70 to 50. Can my appeal be successful? Thank you
martinezzz - 13-Jun-20 @ 10:48 AM
Hi, I was driving on the M60 towards Oldham. Three lanes were closed with the highway-cones so all vehicles were stayed at the left lane (50mph). However, after few miles the other three lanes were opened so I have decided to switch to the middle on the smart motorway but on the sign it says the lane has been closed. Therefore, I forced to switch back to the left lane, yet I couldn’t see the temporary speed sign (40mph) until I reach to the speed camera while I’m doing 50mph as followed from the previous sign. I couldn’t even reduce my speed as there was a lorry tailgating me thus it is not safe to do so. I found the speed limit sign very unclear changing from 50-40mph and that 40mph should be placed earlier. Please could you tell me whether I could appeal this while the speed limit sign is right next to the speed camera and lorry was blocking my view hence I couldn’t really see the 40 limit sign while I’m on the 2 lane from the left. Thank you.
Jen - 5-May-20 @ 11:44 PM
Hi I have speeding ticket for going 71mlp on a motorway M25 ,and was some road works and they reduce the speed to 50mlp ,I was using cruise control and I was tired was late around 3 or 4 AM had a mad night at work just want to get back home . Can I go to the court ask for some clemency becuase that affect my work as driver,and also my life, sayingthat regret it and want do it again ,and try to get an awareness course. Will be waiting for a responsefrom you, thank you very much for you site and time. Best regards Nuno Almeida
NJ - 18-Mar-20 @ 9:58 AM
Was at the traffic lights and infront of me is two sets of lights next to each other one for turning right and one for straight ahead I was fixing my seat looking down I looked up and seen green but it was the other light for green but as I looked up the lorry next to me was moving so I moved noticed straight away it wasn’t my light mine was still on red so stopped within 5/10 yards but the camera flashed is it worth appealing?
Jack - 27-Jan-20 @ 12:28 AM
Just come home on the M60 from Urmston to Oldham on variable speed motorway. The speed was set at 60 mph then dropped to 40 mph going under about 50 mph the camera flashed. However, after going under the 40 mph sign no other overhead speed signs were illuminated all the way till i came off at the A627M. Therefore everyone should have stayed at 40 mph. Is that a technical fault?
Gowe - 23-Jan-20 @ 10:14 PM
I was caught on m62 doing 60mph when sped suddenly dropped to 50mph, I have receive the NIP. However i had cruise control set at 60 mph and went under the gantry that had 50 displayed, I tried to get my speed down but unfortunately didn't happen. My question is that the speed was 60 all the way then suddenly dropped to 50 with the cameras on the gantry, surely at night it's a bit difficult to deter the difference between 60 and 50 in red circle from a difference
Roders75 - 31-Dec-19 @ 11:12 AM
Hello I apparently was caught speeding on an A road,the thing is it was not me , I work for a large cooperation,and I feel someone must have forged my number plate, I have asked for photos and they have sent them and I noticed two differences in photos, these were the sticker on the back of van was not there on my van and the number plate is also different, and they asked for photos of my van when I appealed ticket and they also asked for a photo of the side of the van for some reason, if they studied the photos they would see that my van also was missing some skirting to the side of van. I am sure it would be there on the van in photo if they can see it as they are rather new Vans. Is there anything I can do as they have rejected my plea by phone call that was on a private tel number.note it was still same number on plate but a different plate was being used.
Rockman - 20-Nov-19 @ 9:34 AM
Hi I had NIP for speeding 37 miles on 30 mph limit on Broadlands Estate B4662 Bridgend between round about Greystone and Gentleway caught by police car. I drove in the road through greystone roundabou towards A48. There is no any speed limit sign on the road. I drop down speed when I realise it might be 30 mph as the street lamppost closer than 200 yards apart and a playground sign but it is too late. I am a new driver past test on 12th December 2017. I am not sure whether I will be offered a speed awareness course.
john - 24-Oct-19 @ 11:19 AM
We were away on holiday in the summer. The road between our accommodation & the motorway has a new section, which is 40mph. The original road is 40mph & further on its 50mph. Depending on where you join the original section, its not always clear what the speed limit is, as myself & husband both queried it to each other whilst driving. On returning home, I found a speeding fine, for doing 36mph in a 40!.... I remember the roadside speed camera & feeling confused as to what limit that stretch was, so was trying to stick mid way between 30-40mph. It was bank holiday Sunday, was sunny & hot, the camera is just after a busy junction where there are a handful of pubs, eating places & a hotel. I went on google maps & the signs saying "30" are just before the junction, low level & easily missed, as I do rememberlooking ahead at the junction for traffic pulling out or turning off & also being passed by a number of tractors with trailers full of crops.... there are no road markings to remind people that its a 30 from a 40.... there are no reminder signs with the camera sign that say 30 either.... I have 30yrs driving experience, having traveled as far away as Edinburgh & Plymouth , encountering all kinds of signs, limits, road markings, & have never exceeded speed limits. The area I live in, is notorious with bad driving, with people who should know better, blatantly ignoring speed signs. I feel the shortage of signage & the place of the camera, is to catch people out & make money, rather than educate & help people to drive at the correct limit. I attached a letter to the police about the signage & they suggested I complain to the council. I am booked on a speed awareness course, yet they seem ill set up to cater for people with carer responsibilities.
cheeky - 9-Oct-19 @ 6:00 PM
Hi I have just received a NIP and my car was in my drive all day and its on the north circular which I haven't driven on for years and never in my car now. what can I do.
chris - 24-Sep-19 @ 2:38 PM
I am extremely disappointed that I have been caught speeding in Greater Manchester in my company car and have NOT been offered the opportunity to go on a speed awareness course, just 3 points and £100 fine? That’s injustice!! I have have a clean licence and have not attended any speed awareness course in the last 3 years. I was caught doing 48mph in a 40mph zone (which I never realised but the traffic light camera had been changed to a speeding camera on the A580 east lands road app to Mosley Common, Salford. So according to the threshold I was within the speed awareness tolerance. The offence happened 12/4/19 and the NIP was sent to my company on the 18/6/19 which was then emailed to my from my company on the 20/6/19 and which I replied back on the 7/7/19 to my company that I was the driver of the vehicle. I was shocked to receive the CONDITIONAL OFFER OF A FIXED PENALTY on the 18/8/19 (that’s 4 months after the offence.) I have replied immediately by email to the central ticket office as to why I have not been offered the course. The system is so unfair for the honest and hard working general public??????
Amak - 23-Aug-19 @ 7:00 AM
Hi I have just received a letter sayingI exceeded a 40 mph limit on an automatic camera device and my speed was 35mph. Can you clarify. I think the speed limit on this stretch of road may have been changed from 40 - 30. But letter is obviously wrong
Bucks - 1-Aug-19 @ 9:38 AM
Hello! I need some help here... I got a speeding ticket from a police van at the side of an A road which I have paid but think I should contest it. I was in my converted campervan (which was always a window van not a goods vehicle as it was a disability vehicle previously) and was charged with doing 71mph in a 70mph limit. I thought it was strange but when I checked the logbook the van was incorrectly categorised as a goods vehicle so I paid it and accepted the 3 points. Since I have been told that the photographic evidence the police have on file prove that it was a window van not a goods vehicle and so I should challenge it despite the error on the logbook. How do I do this? Can I do this now as I have accepted the fixed penalty and paid it? Thanks Phil
SunnyPhil - 13-Mar-19 @ 5:26 PM
Need help, I was flashed in Woburn but the signs are behind bushes and the camera is around a corner. Has anyone been in this position and appealed successfully. Plz get in touch. Thanks
Max - 3-Jan-19 @ 3:53 PM
I recently got flashed by a fixed camera doing 35 in a 30. I attended a speed awareness course around 9 years ago, however, unfortunately just under 2 years ago I received 6 points for speeding. Is this likely to prevent me being offered a speed awareness course now? Many thanks
Ade - 5-Dec-18 @ 12:12 AM
I've received a Speeding letter notice number 0413050353787020. This wasn't me since buying this car at start of September I've had close to 10 letters for speeding parking and dartford tunnel charges I've spoken to police about this and have received a letter from Surrey police stating my vehicle registration plates had been you d and handed in ref number WFP/18/100. Since purchasing this car I haven't left Southampton and nobody has used car apart from me
Jon - 23-Nov-18 @ 6:59 PM
79 mph on a 70mph road this is such a pain as I was overtaking another car because I was being tailgated by a very aggressive driver and was in fear for my life
Jimmy - 14-Nov-18 @ 7:45 PM
I have received a speeding ticket of driving 39mph on a 30 mile zone. At the time my friend was borrowing my car. Should I write his details in form and send back? My friend had shown me valid insurance and I know he has a license. He also has recently moved and I am still trying to locate his new address. Should I fill the form with previous address and send?? Many thanks
Rick - 20-Oct-18 @ 8:19 AM
I received NIP after doing 51 in a 40 on the motorway due to variable speed limit. However I noticed there are no lines or they are severely faded when it comes to the 2nd form of validating/confirming speed. I have requested photographic evidence to see if this is the case. But if there are no lines and they are not visible does that mean that I would not be able to calculate how fast I was going which would mean if it went to court neither could the court?
Captain Slow - 13-Oct-18 @ 12:18 AM
I attended a NDORS speed awareness for going 50 in a 40. 2 days later I have been caught again on a smart motorway doing 71 instead of 60. I know I was strictly adhering to all the speed limits because I had just been on the course... however I know I don't have any proof and I know it's unlikely to be overturned without proof. I have been offered a speed awareness course (a motorway one). But know from the NDORS course that I am not allowed to do another course within 3 years. However as they have offered this can I assume it's OK as it's a different course (and was a different police district).
AG - 4-Oct-18 @ 12:14 PM
I have received a NIP today (29 September), letter dated 28 September, for an offence on 30 August. The letter was sent 28 days after the offence, well outside the 14 day limit for receiving the letter.I am not the registered owner as it is a lease car. Do you think it is worth appealing the notice? The offence was 70mph in a 60 zone, caught by a mobile speed camera in a van.
Gordon - 29-Sep-18 @ 10:07 AM
I received a Nip on the 17th of Aug but the offence was dated 2nd of July. On the 29th of August I received another Nip with the offence date 26th of June! I wasn’t aware they had to send them out within 14 days before I posted it back so I filled in the form saying ‘yes’ it was me etc. Is there anything I can do now I’ve admitted to being the driver? I don’t really want to go to court as there’s a risk I could end up paying more.
Em - 9-Sep-18 @ 9:55 AM
Hi. I received a speeding fine for doing 59 in a 40 (late at night as the motorway ended and became a 3 lane normal road - but hey). I guess can’t deny this and am “happy” to take the £100 fine on the chin. What I am agrieved over is that the offence has not been deemed serious enough to allow me to take the speeding course and avoid the 3 points on my licence. Can I appeal this element of the ticket. I’m 52 and been driving for 35 years. Never had any points/a speeding ticket before. Would welcome your comments.
Harry - 17-Aug-18 @ 7:55 PM
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